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About Friends of Eugene

Friends of Eugene is a coalition of individuals and organizations who care about the future of Eugene. We value the high quality of life that we enjoy here and believe that the small-town atmosphere and outstanding natural environment contribute greatly to the livability of our city. We wish to preserve these qualities.

The unprecedented growth Eugene faces in the next few years could change forever the complexion of our town. Thus, we are at a critical point where planning and policy decisions made over the next few years will significantly shape the future character of our town.

While we recognize that change is inevitable, we believe that growth management is essential to protect and preserve the qualities we value most. Good planning and sensible land use policies will provide benefits to Eugeneans far into the future. To accomplish this, we believe that citizens need to be actively involved in the process. We seek to encourage and facilitate citizen involvement in planning issues.

We are dedicated to upholding and extending the fine tradition of comprehensive, long-range planning which was started in Oregon some 30 years ago.

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Friends of Eugene Issues

Please also see the Community Planning category in this wiki for information on many of the local land use, transportation, and environmental planning initiatives we are working on!

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