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This is part of Conversations on the Forest, a program of collaborative learning discussions on the forests of Lane County and the Pacific Northwest, currently in development.

Audio recording of this session, held on February 6, 2012, is at this link...

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Lane County, Oregon

Total Area = 3,022,080 acres = 4,722 sq mi
Land = 2,913,920 acres = 4,553 sq mi
Water = 107,520 acres = 168 sq mi = 3.55% of total area
Population in 2010 = 351,715
Largest employer is government, including the University of Oregon
Largest private employer is PeaceHealth Medical Group

Lane County Land Ownership

Lane County Forest Ownership Map (4.1MB PDF) — Roy Keene and LCOG
Total publicly owned land = 58% = 1,752,819 acres — overwhelmingly (but not 100%) rural forest
Total privately owned land = 32% = 1,269,261 acres — very roughly half is rural forest (rest is agricultural, urbanized)
Privately owned industrial timberland = 20% = 597,600 acres (656,476 acres from another source)
Compare to BLM O&C lands at under 300,000 acres
Privately owned small timberland and "woodlots" = 7% = 210,000 acres

U.S. Forest Service owns 48% of total area = 1,450,598 acres (Willamette and Umpqua National Forests) (of which most, 1,105,000 acres, are "unreserved")
U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), State of Oregon, Lane County and other public entities own about 10% = about 300,00 acres
BLM = 276,000 acres (not including possible small amount of "reserved" areas such as designated wilderness)
State, County, and smaller public ownership of Lane County forest land = 50,000 acres

Major private landowners

Weyerhaeuser Company — about half or the private timberland, or roughly an equal area to BLM O&C lands
Davidson Industries, Giustina Land & Timber, Giustina Resources, Plum Creek Timberlands, Roseburg Resources Company, Rosboro Lumber Company, Seneca Jones Timber Company

Lane County Forests Fact

Total forest area, including all age classes is approximately 90% = 2,719,872 acres
What were the forests?
What are they today?
History of harvests, public and private.


Geography over time
Map of stand age
Call it what it is... Logging or Forest Management? LSRs or Old Growth?

Q & A and Further Discussion

Common Language - Glossary



Atlas of Lane County
National Atlas of the United States
East & West Lane Forest Protective Associations
Timber Resource Statistics for Oregon (FIA 1999)
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